Portland Computer Repair Service and Consulting
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One Flat Rate - Repair What You Need    

One Flat Rate - Repair What You Need    

4719 SE Boise, Portland 97206, OR      Tech Phone: 503-771-5894
4719 SE Boise, Portland 97206, OR      Tech Phone: 503-771-5894
Antico Plus Computer Repair and Consulting provides comprehensive services to both businesses and individuals to meet their computing needs for a reasonable flat rate.
We serve the greater Portland area 24/7.
4719 SE Boise, Portland 97206, OR      Tech Phone: 503-771-5894

On Site and On Line Computer Servicing:

> Repairing your PC remotely, or dispatching a technician to your premises.

>  Will fix most of your problems in less than 60 minutes.

>  On line repairs will be only charged if the fix is successful.

>  No hourly rates for online and on site repairs, one fixed price covers all.

>  Our highly skilled techs can remove any virus or spyware
Is Your Computer Slowing Down?
Computer Not Powering Up
Printing Problems
Not Functioning Devices
Network Problems
Freeze Ups
Hardware Failures
Internet Connections
Phone Systems Design and Installations
Crashed Hard Drives
Sound and Display Problems
Password Removal
Memory Upgrades
Screen and Keyboard Replacements for Laptops
Fan Replacements
CD / DVD Drive Replacements

     .. add on special : DATA RECOVERY

Desktop and Laptop Repair Services Include:
24 years of experience
no geeks - only professionals
> 1000 satisfied customers
BBB rated
Enviroment Friendly
Support Local Economy
Family Owned Business
Covers Great Portland Area
Digital Forensic Certified
High Tech Crime Members
Internationally Recognised

Phone: 503.771-5894


Home and Small Business $89.99
For small and home based businesses that
require efficient on-site maintenance or repair
Business Support

For small to medium sized business with larger number of users or multiple servers.
. Can include remote maintenance / assistance and telephone support.